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Customer relationship management (CRM) helps manage your company’s relationships with c...
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Customer relationship management (CRM) helps manage your company’s relationships with customers. Using a salon software will help you manage your customer relationships because it can automate your business’s processes. Our salon CRM software can help you manage the salon’s finances, booking appointments, and much more.
  • Efficiency: CRM automates and makes the business process more efficient so that you can spend more time with your customers.
  • Increased profits: You can build a dialogue with the buyer, avoid mistakes in the work process, and eventually sell even more.
  • Financial tracking: A quality CRM program allows you to track income, expenses, and feature the best team members in the salon.
  • Scheduling: Our CRM includes a calendar, universal scheduling board, booking and scheduling, reports and analytics, POS, and technical support.

Using our salon CRM software will save you headaches later. Visit our office in Philadelphia, PA, Denver, CO, or Austin, TX to learn more or contact us today.

Efficient Time Tracking Calendar

Our salon management software will help manage the time it takes to do tasks so that you can be more efficient. The benefits of our software include:

  • Staff scheduling
  • Easy setup
  • Product delivery tracking
  • Effective time planning
  • Access from any device, anywhere
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Efficient Time Tracking Calendar
Universal Scheduling System

It can be hard to schedule customers, so you end up spreading them out throughout the day ineffectively. Our software is:

  • Open for 24/7 scheduling
  • Adapted for iOS and Android
  • Easy and affordable for any client
  • Easy to use to track visitor arrival time
  • Able to remind your customers of an upcoming appointment
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Universal Scheduling System
Reports and Analytics

Knowing how well your business is doing each month is important for the success of your salon. You’ll receive:

  • A complete overview of your business
  • Reports showing the employee of the month
  • Convenient graph reports
  • The ability to rate your employees
  • Continuous monitoring of salon’s profitability
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Reports and Analytics
Salon Point-of-Sale

Taking payments has never been easier with our user-friendly salon management software. It includes:

  • A lightweight, native interface
  • Inline payments
  • Product level management
  • Instant sales tracking
  • Quick setup
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Salon Point-of-Sale
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